View Full Version : CW 800 with dongle setup

10-23-2010, 12:43 AM
Here are the complete steps with pics.

1) First perform a factory default to clean receiver out then load the factory 1.03 bin (Click here to get it (http://ftabeta.com/attachments/cw800-pvr-downloads/228d1286596335-cw800-factory-file-1-03-factory_cw800sv1-03-zip)) and do a hard reboot (switch off from back and on it again). You then need to load the dongle only BIN for what model you have. The dongle bin is v2.52 (Click here to get it (http://ftabeta.com/attachments/cw-general-downloads/68d1283744745-dongle-software-cw700-cw800-cw800s-donglev2-52-zip)). EDIT: 2.58 bin may work better. Click here (http://ftabeta.com/attachments/cw800-pvr-downloads/338d1288368785-cw800-2-58-dongle-bin-w-amazons-cw_800_v2-58-2010_09_05-rar) to get it.

Make sure to reboot the receiver by switching off from back after loading the bin.

2) Plug your dongle in the usb. Connect an ethernet cable to the dongle to connect it to the internet.

3) Now set up your satellites and scan them. Make sure you get a good signal.

4) Turn off autoroll: MENU > SYSTEM SETTINGS > OSD > AUTOROLL OFF (if you are not able to do this now, do this in step 9)

5) Enable Card Share: PRESS f1 ON YOUR REMOTE AND THEN 555
note: If you enter 555 and the unit DISABLES Card Share then hit f1 again and then 555 to ENABLE it (if you are not able to do this now, do this in step 9).

6) Enable Patch: PRESS f1 ON YOUR REMOTE AND THEN 000
note: If you enter 000 and the unit DISABLES the Patch then hit f1 again and then 000 to ENABLE it (if you are not able to do this now, do this in step 9).

7) Then simply hit INFO and then 1 together (Note: It is INFO then 1 - this information was provided by Gabacho).
You should see the image below:

Enter the info as follows
IP/URL= fenfui.dynsite.net or fenfu.dynsite.net depending on your code
PORT = 10010
DES KEY = 6103403445406970987123412134

8) NOW VERY IMPORTANT where it says SERVER TYPE NewCS when its selected
HIT OK over it and you will see a connect caid.
Once you see this now you are doing very well.
See image below for more info.


9) If you were unable to perform any of steps 4-6, you should be able to do so now.

10) Put it on a channel like HBO and in a few seconds you have TV.


11) If you don't get picture, check your server status and your network status:

INFO + 0 = Server Status Display



INFO + 2 = your IP STATUS


Get these settings correctly and you should then get TV.

EDIT: You may need to reboot the unit after this. C/P by Tester33 -
I could not figure out why I was not getting TV and thought I had nothing to lose so I restarted from rear switch and walla, with in 3 seconds I had TV.