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    Default limesat hd air pixelating

    hi; so my friend bought a limesat hd air v2 from a local dealer; loaded 131 and got it working on p$. couldn't seem to get the wifi working but it worked fine with the ethernet cable pluged in back.
    then he brought over because the picture started pixelating. i took the 8psk modual out, put the original one back, same. then i loaded 117 then 131, same.
    i even tryed it with no modual, same
    i att pic.

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    probably a bad module ???
    make sure when you change (pull-out) module pay close attention and be gentle. little carelessness and you'll break the connector pins

    try to order, new module ls400
    and reply back

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    Id take it back to the dealer myself.

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    I could be out of order here,, ok, so if I am, delete Bman, ok,, Get in touch with LEESAT. COM, He will fix for you, ok, hope NOT saying wrong things here, DELETE, IF NOT GOOD, on here.

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    thanks 4 all your replis. i don't think its a bad 8psk modual, as it does the same with the original
    one in or even without any modual in. guess i'll have to try to take it back

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    so i took it back to dealer here where it was bought from, left it with them 4 a week, went back to-day. all i got was a bunch of shoulder shruging. it still does the same. guess i'll try to send it to limesat or all i got is a door stop.

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    six month ago i bought limesat hd air i have the same issue first i thought it was the ls 400 module i replaced that same problam but at the end it was absloutly THE RECEIVER



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