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    have youn tried aan 8 gb stick?

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    No only 4g. Would a 8g make a difference? We know now that the problem is with the sv8k

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinslip View Post
    My hdd is a self powered unit from a wall outlet. I plugged in a 4g usb stick...had the sv8k format it then taped a movie on it...and intermittent sound again in one spot. Anyone ever have audio problems like this before?
    Have had lots of 8's , only audio probs were with the Dolby on , went to pcm, worked great

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    r u running sound through an A/V reciever? Some receivers dont play nice with the 8k. When using optical.Not sure about HDMI. Try analog (red/white).

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    My Sv8k dose the same thing, i have to move up or down a channel than it returns to normal, tried to do it with optical, hdmi but it dose the same thing. I use the Sv8k with Sony 5.1 receiver and with a Favi projector.

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    Ya Sony is one of the ones with issues.I modded my 8000 with a coaxial audio output, with same results on my Sony .Yamaha works with hdmi and/or optical/coaxial

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    Hi guys, it's been a while since the last post ended but I have another scenario. My HDD is sitting right against one of my main speakers. Could the magnetic field mess up the sound during recording?



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