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    Hey Erosram, al parecer se te olvidó que no se pueden postear links de otros sitios, sabemos que lo hiciste con la mejor intencion. Pero, las reglas son las reglas, y hay que cumplirlas.

    Me vi obligado a editar tu post, pero recuerda que hay maneras de postear los tutos de otros, en este foro...

    Una vez mas, gracias.

    ...No tienes que herir para enseñar, y no tienes que ser herido para aprender...


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    Hey MELYAZUL, para el problema de la v82 con el IHub, aqui encontre un par de maneras diferentes de arreglarlo, solo que estan en Ingles, espero que te sean de ayuda.

    Postea resultados, a ver como te fue.

    Suerte !!!


    Default Easy Ihub upgrade & V82 fix

    Get the Wiz program.
    Get the latest SVlan file for your box.
    Get the Svlan-43 file.
    Get a formatted usb stick.

    Connect the hub to the box and the other end to your computer lan port.
    Open the Wiz program and "Search" for your hub.
    *DO NOT change anything with the Wiz program.*
    What version shows ?
    If your at 2.2 or higher, simply load the latest Svlan file to your box with your usb stick.Reboot the box and the "updating" message should appear. After the box reboots again, "Search" for the hub with the Wiz program.You should now be at version 4.12 and you now have a "Wizhub" and will use Svlan files from now on.
    If your not at version 2.2 or higher,
    Use the Wiz program and upload the Svlan-43 file.
    After that, go through the process to load the latest SVlan file in receiver.
    It's that easy if you have a good working hub.

    I have been told this process has had good results at fixing version 82 and 82.9 errors.
    Give it a try.

    Good luck,


    if you get version 82 on wiz1x0_105sr then you need this to fix it. thanks for the hard work mattyd1983 great work.
    iHub How to fix v82.0, Get IP Config back in menu, and flash 1.4 successfully!!!
    My iHub Overview:

    What exactly will these steps do for me if everything works out?

    1. You will be able to get the new v1.4 update on to your virgin iHub.
    2. You will be able to get the new v1.4 update on to your v82.0 (bricked) iHub.
    3. This will fix IP Config menu from not showing up after loading previous working files.
    4. You will be able to get TV back, once the iHub settings are corrected and updated, the receiver will take care of itself.

    So, have you been up for endless hours/days trying to figure out why your iHub is bricked and trying to get it back to life? Or even simply just trying to get your receiver to show up IP Config in the menu? Does your iHub fail to load the current v1.4 update? Then keep reading.....

    I could not seem to find a NO-BS fix, all the "fix it this way guides" were way to vague for me and didn't cover the bases I needed covered, after asking for help and getting nothing, I decided to test a little myself. The results will have you up and running with v1.4 and a debricked iHub in no time at all if you are lucky.

    This is basically the exact steps I took to get the iHub back to life and upload 1.4 from the dreaded v82.0, this is also going to fix the receiver not detecting the iHub as well. - Follow the below steps EXACTLY as I have typed them, if you RUN in to a problem at all during any of the steps, please post the problem. Keep in mind the files that I have included are for SonicView 360 Elite ONLY, you will have to download the premier/8000 files yourself if thats the STB in question.

    Preliminary Check:

    This will work as long as you have a router, and as long as you have a working iHub (one that lights up on back), and as long as when you plug the iHub in and press Search, and at least some sort of iHub info shows up, if it does, then this is what you will need to do.

    Exactly as I have done it below, I was able to bring two iHub/IP Config menu back to life fairly easily. This is all based on me using a linksys router with default gateway of - majority of routers have the same gateway ip.

    But just something to check before you get started with the steps. Make sure you are directly plugged in to the first port on your router (with your computer in 1st port) and modem connection or dsl in the one furthest to left. Go to Start>Run>CMD>ipconfig

    Make sure your Local IP is and default gateway of, if not then I am not sure these steps would apply to you as well.

    Make sure you have done:
    Factory Default file from USB to receiver
    Sys Clean file from USB to receiver
    Hard reboot (back switch)
    Load 206 Bin (for elite receivers only)
    Hard reboot (back switch)

    Steps to take:

    1. Connect iHub to receiver

    2. Leave Power on, on the receiver, but turn power off from the front panel (so that the time is displayed)

    3. Connect ethernet cord to iHub, then directly in to ethernet port on computer, this part is where it is tricky and you might have to wait until you see "limited or no connectivity"

    4. Open up the WIZ program, click search until it displays the fields with some sort of info. Once it does, your in luck! No BS!!!! Now you need to skip around a little for this next step.

    4 1/2. Make sure Static is checked, you should now see the fields able to change settings. Make your settings exact to mine.

    Local IP: Port: 1920

    Operation Mode: Mixed

    Make sure USE DNS is checked!!!

    Domain Name: WWW.SVFTAIKS.COM

    Now click on Setting, if it gives you an error after clicking, click setting again until it takes. Once it does, close the WIZ program and follow on to next step.

    5. Now that you can see the iHub current info and the settings, now what you want to do is check on the back of your router, this part is crucial... Make absolute certain that your PC is plugged in to the first outgoing port on the router. And now unplug iHub from back of computer, plug it in to the 2nd outgoing port on the router (the ip that the router assigns to this port should be by default.)

    6. Open up WIZ program again, and click on Search until it finds your iHub, notice that the settings should read what I typed above? If it does then continue on, if not, then go back and retry until it does!! So now that it says the settings that we want it too, we still see the v82.0 right? Lets get rid of that now.

    7. Go to Start>Run>CMD>ipconfig

    Now type: ping (if you get a series of replies, we will be able to load 1.4 with no problems at all!) Thats right, you can click thanks!!

    8. Now bring the WIZ program back up, and I want you to click on Upload tab, you should be able to at this point, make sure you have extracted the 1.4 bin to your desktop. and then choose that file. You should instantly notice it start uploading with little bars with pretty much no hanging at all.

    9. Once it says Completed, close WIZ, then reopen it, notice a new version?

    10. Thats it, that should be the solid fix that everyone has been looking for, and no need to use rom 1, its a waste of time when you can just do it this way with 0% problems.

    Additional steps to load bin 209 (for elite users only). You should see Network device connect! after rebooting receiver with iHub plugged in.

    Then just put bin 209 on USB stick, upload, reboot, and you should be good to setup all your settings as before - Also, you will now be able to see your IP Config menu again and able to change settings at will.

    Let me know if you guys run in to snags, this should seriously be the best fix that you guys can get for the iHub not communicating with the receiver/not taking the files/v82 error.

    This is a COMPLETE fix. Not just a band-aid, if you are needing files for 360 Premier, you will need to obtain them from the downloads section.

    Una vez mas, gracias.

    ...No tienes que herir para enseñar, y no tienes que ser herido para aprender...


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    Muy bien miguelon! entendido y anotado, gracias por la ayuda prestrada a MELYAZUL, ojala y pueda solucionar su problema. Saludos.

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    Gracias por toda la ayuda q me han dado Erosram y Miguelito.


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